200+ Brave, Strong, Powerful, Tough Girl Names

Traditionally, Girls were viewed as the weaker gender, delicate, pretty, and drawn to pink-colored items. As a result, many parents used what is best described as “girly names” for their daughters.

However, girly names are fast becoming a thing of the past because, let’s face it, the idea of women as the weaker gender is more fiction than fact.

Ladies exhibit tough attributes such as strength, bravery, power, courage, assertiveness, and boldness all the time. So, why shouldn’t we call them names that signify strength or bravery?

In this article, we have listed names that signify strength, bravery, a fighting spirit, or a never-say-die attitude in women.

For easy access, we have categorized these powerful female names into categories such as history, names of ancient goddesses, celebrities, religion, heroines, and literal translations.

Girl names that mean tough


History inspired tough girl names

tough names for girls

History contains strong ladies who led the way and broke barriers in different aspects of life. Below are names of great, strong, and brave women who have affected each generation with amazing discoveries and feat in politics, science and arts, sports, drama, music, and so much more.

  1. Alexandrine – The first European woman to cross the Sahara Desert. Alexandrine Tinne attempted this feat in 1859
  2. Alice – Another women right activist leader of the suffragist movement was Alice Paul. Alice Walker, on the other hand, is the author of the classic book “The Color Purple.”
  3. Alienor – She was once the Queen of France and also the mother of England’s Richard III
  4. Amelia – The aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart and Amelia Bloomer who pioneered less restrictive clothes for women
  5. Anna – The first with the surname Shaw, fought for women voting right, while the other with Hedgeman as surname, founded the National Organization of Women in the I960’s
  6. Angela – Scholar and a fighter against racism and sexism is Angela Davis.
  7. Angelina – A women’s right abolitionist, Angelina Grimke Weld
  8. Aphra – The first professional female writer. The English Aphra Behn wrote many Restoration plays.
  9. Artemisia – A famous artist of the Baroque Era. Artemisia Gentileschi’s most famous painting was the “Judith Slaying Holofernes.”
  10. Catherine – Inspired by Catherine the Great, who ruled Russia for 34 years
  11. Clara – A notable humanitarian whose passion founded the Red Cross, Nurse Clara Barton.
  12. Cleopatra – An intelligent Pharaoh who was the last to rule Ptolemaic Egypt
  13. Coretta – The wife of Martin Luther King Junior
  14. Dolores – She was the co-founder of United Farm Workers in 1962 for California workers, Dolores Huerta
  15. Dowager – Chinese regent who ruled for 47 years.
  16. Eleanor – Known as the First Lady of the World, Eleanor Roosevelt was a human right champion.
  17. Ella – Also known as the “First Lady of Song,” Ella Fitzgerald.
  18. Empress – A female version of an Emperor inspired by Empress Wu of China who ruled in the Tang Dynasty
  19. Elizabeth – Also known as the “Virgin Queen,” Elizabeth I was a powerful English monarch
  20. Evelyn – Inspired by the National Medal of Science recipient Evelyn Witkin, a geneticist for her amazing work in DNA research.
  21. Flo – Her name was Florynce Kennedy, a lawyer, lecturer, and activist who was part of second-wave feminism
  22. Frances – Frances Willard, an American feminist
  23. Gloria – A woman right leader and pioneer in the 60’s and 70’s. Gloria Steinem was involved in the feminist movement of that time.
  24. Hattie – The first African American to win an Oscar, Hattie McDaniel
  25. Hazel – A jazz singer who did her part in breaking the barrier for black women, refused to perform for segregated audiences, Hazel Scott.
  26. Hildegard – She was also known as “Sybil of the Rhine,” Hildegard von Bingen was a composer, adviser, poet, writer, and a mystic
  27. Indira – The first and only female Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi served four terms.
  28. Jane – An activist of the Progressive Era and co-founder of the ACLU
  29. Joan – Inspired by the French saint and heroine, Joan of Arc
  30. Kahina – The first warrior queen in history
  31. Kartini – The first feminist of Indonesia who has a day named after her.
  32. Kate – Bornstein is known for her work in gender identity.
  33. Lucy – Parsons in the 19th century fought for workers right, and Stone, who has the same first name, also fought s]against slavery.
  34. Mae – One of the first female movie stars, Mae West
  35. Maeve – An ancient queen of Ireland
  36. Margaret – Also known as the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher was the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  37. Maria Theresa – Empress of Austria known for her education reforms
  38. Maya – From Maya Angelou, writer, and civil rights activist, Maya Rudolph, comedian and actress to Maya Lin, the architect and artist.
  39. Nancy – A beautiful spy and journalist who worked for the French resistance, Nancy Wake was a World War II heroine.
  40. Nina – She was the first Mexican woman to run for US Congress, Adelina Nina Otero-Warren
  41. Queen Victoria – Whichever name you choose, either “Queen” or “Victoria.” Inspired by the queen who ruled the British Empire for 63 years
  42. Rosalie – An active voice of the women’s suffrage movement, Rosalie Edge was a New York socialite of the 20th
  43. Ruth – Known as the Notorious RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Supreme Court Justice with pioneering strides in law and women’s rights.
  44. Sally – Sally Ride is the first American woman to go into space.
  45. Shirley – Shirley Temple, an American actress who began her career at 3. Also in 1963, Shirley Chisholm was the first black woman in the United State Congress
  46. Theodora – The Empress of the Byzantine Empire, who fought for women rights
  47. Wilma – Wilma Rudolph was the first American athlete who won three gold medals in one Olympics.
  48. Yuri – A Japanese American herself, Yuri Kochiyama fought for the reparation of those forced into internment camps during World War II
  49. Zenobia – Queen of the Palmyrene Empire in Syria, she ruled in the 3rd century
  50. Zora – Literary star known as the author of a classic” Their Eyes Were Watching God” is Zora Neale Hurston

Literal tough girl names

powerful names for girls

If you are looking for sweet, feminine baby names with strong meaning for your daughter, you are in the right section. Sometimes a literal meaning can be better than an inferred meaning. The names listed here have Old German, Sanskrit, Old English, Irish, Arabic, Greek, and many other origins and mythologies.

  1. Aadya – Sanskrit origin which means power that births the five elements
  2. Adira – A simple Hebrew name that means “strong.”
  3. Althea – A name that has its roots in Greek mythology, it means “with healing power.”
  4. Andrea – This is the female version of Andrew, which means “strong.”
  5. Arabella – A name with German origin that means “eagle heroine.”
  6. Audelia – Originating from England, the name means “strength and nobility.”
  7. Audrey – This is an old traditional English name that means “noble and strength.”
  8. Bathilda – This is a literal translation of the word “heroine” in the German language
  9. Bernadette – “Strong and brave as a bear,” a German name fitting for your sturdy girl
  10. Braelynn – A modern combination of two names the means strength, Brianna, and Lynn
  11. Branwen – This is of Welsh origins. It means “heroine of one of the tales of the Mabinogion.”
  12. Bree – Although it sounds like a nickname, it means “strength or an exalted one.”
  13. Bria – A modern derivative of the Irish name Bridget which interprets as “vigor.”
  14. Briana – It is the female version of the name Brian, and it means “Strong, honorable and virtuous.”
  15. Bridget – A similar variation of this name is Brighid, which means “Strength or exalted one.”
  16. Carla – A Portuguese name for a strong girl.
  17. Clotilde – A German name that translates as “heroine.”
  18. Eberhard – It means the “strength of an animal,” with German origins
  19. Edrei – An Old Testament name of a town in the Kingdom of Bashan that means “strong and powerful.”
  20. Emersyn – It means “bravery.” The female variation of the name Emerson
  21. Elda – A sweet-sounding tough girl name that means “warrior.”
  22. Elfrida – It means “elf power,” rooted in English mythology
  23. Finley – A popular Irish name that is appropriate for your girl. It means “fair-haired hero.”
  24. Gabriella – Gabriel means “God is my strength,” and this is the feminine version
  25. Gabrina – Translates “hero of God” in the Italian language.
  26. Gertrude – You can call your baby “Gertie” for short, a German name that means “strong spear.”
  27. Gesa – A classic Dutch name that means “strength of a spear.”
  28. Gordana – Simply means “heroic,” a name originated from Scotland.
  29. Grainne – A legendary Gaelic heroine
  30. Ida – The German originated name translates literally as “active” in English; however, the name was also the name of the heroine of Tennyson’s poem “The Princess.”
  31. Isa – The German name for a strong-willed girl
  32. Jaiyana – The Arabic name for strength
  33. Kendra – It is a beautiful name that means “enthusiastic power or wise ruler
  34. Karla – A French name that means “strong.”
  35. Karleen – From Old German, it means “womanly strength.”
  36. Keren – Similar in spelling and pronunciation to Karen, but this is Hebrew, and it means “strength and power.”
  37. Lenna – Another Old German name that means “lion’s strength.”
  38. Luana – Ever think a warrior can be graceful? Well, this is a German name that means “graceful battle maiden.”
  39. Maajida – An Islamic name that means powerful.
  40. Maliha – A Muslim name that represents beauty and strength
  41. Marcella – A powerful Italian name that means “strong, martial, and warlike.”
  42. Matilda – A German name that means any of this “battle, power or might.”
  43. Maude – A French name, which means “battle.”
  44. Melisende – A 12th century Jerusalem queen bore this name that means “strong in work.”
  45. Mildred – “Gentle strength” is the meaning of this English name.
  46. Millicent – It means  “Strong at work,” you can shorten it to “Millie.”
  47. Nakhti – A sweet name that also means “strong.”
  48. Nina – Of Native American origins, this name means “strong.”
  49. Otilie – Does not sound like a feminine name, but it means a “fortunate heroine.”
  50. Philomena – A Greek name that translates to “lover of strength.”
  51. Rainey – This name means “counsel power.”
  52. Trudy – Perfect German name for that sweet girl that is universally strong
  53. Valda – An alternative to this German name is Velda, both mean “rule and power.”
  54. Valencia – This is a place in Spain that means “brave and strong.”
  55. Valentina – The female variation of Valentine, which simply means “strength.”
  56. Valerie – A French name that means “strength and health.”
  57. Vanshni – Of a biblical origin, which means “strong.”
  58. Wyetta – An Old English name that means “war strength.”

Heroine inspired tough girl names

names of strong women from history

If you are a movie or book lover and you particularly have a soft spot for female heroes, or you had a heroine that you hoped to be like when you were a child, then this section is just what you will like. The following are names of Heroines from books, movies, and other forms of literature.

  1. Aeon – The warrior of the post-apocalyptic 25th-century film, Aeon Flux
  2. Arya – A popular character on the infamous Game of Thrones
  3. Cassandra – One of the memorable Batgirl character.
  4. Daisy – Heroine in Star Wars, called Rey, played by Daisy Ridley.
  5. Diana – Popularly known as Wonder Woman, Diana Prince is an undeniable superhero.
  6. Gorgo – The Queen of Sparta
  7. Eowyn – The brave lady in the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy
  8. Harley – Harley Quinn, a member of the notorious Suicide Squad
  9. Hermione – Harry Porter’s friend and also the name of a Greek witch
  10. Jubilee – Apart from the joyous notes of the name, it was the name of Jubilation Lee, a heroine in the ‘90’s X-men Series
  11. Kamala – The Muslim teen superhero in Marvel films who inspires many young hearts
  12. Kara – Cousin of Superman and a Supergirl herself.
  13. Katniss – The pretty archer in the film “Hunger Games.”
  14. Katana – A pretty martial artist, an Outsiders, and Justice League member
  15. Lara – In the movie “Tomb Raiders,” Lara Croft is surely a badass girl.
  16. Leeloo – She acted as the most powerful weapon in the world in the movie “The Fifth Element.”
  17. Leia – The rebellion leader in “Star Wars.”
  18. Letty – Amazing mechanic in the “Fast and Furious” series
  19. Merida – The headstrong princess in the cartoon “Brave.”
  20. Mulan – The courageous lady who wanted to go to war with others
  21. Natalia – Also known as the “Black Widow” in the Avengers films, played by Scarlett Johansson
  22. Pamela – An English name for the heroine in the book “Arcadia” by Sir Philip Sidney
  23. Pilar – A brave heroine in the play, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” written by Hemingway
  24. Raven – The shape-shifter Mystique in the X-Men movie
  25. Scarlet – A badass mystic queen in the Avengers series
  26. Selina – The real name of Cat woman
  27. Storm – The white-haired beauty in the X-Men franchise
  28. Trinity – She was the badass computer hacker in “The Matrix.”
  29. Viola – This was the English heroine of Shakespeare’s piece titled the “Twelfth Night.”
  30. Violet – A woman with unusual strength in the movie “Ultraviolet.”
  31. Xena – The warrior in “Xena, the warrior princess.”

Goddess inspired tough girl names

brave names for girls

Some folklores and mythologies support the existence of gods and goddesses a long time ago. This category of female names contain names of powerful ancient goddesses who were seen as tough immortals. Here, we enumerate what the goddesses represent and what they are honored for. Don’t forget, most goddesses were also known for their beauty and aura.

  1. Aine – Goddess of summer, wealth, and love according to Celtic mythology
  2. Aphrodite – Greek goddess of love and fertility
  3. Arianrhod – Celtic goddess of fertility, rebirth, and all that has to do with the circle of life.
  4. Artemis – The goddess of nature, hunt, and birth, the Greek goddess of the free spirit.
  5. Athena – She is the Greek goddess of war, domestic crafts, and wisdom.
  6. Bast – In Egyptian mythology, she is the cat Goddess. She loves music, perfume, and dance. Furthermore, she protects women and children.
  7. Ceres – Her name means “to grow,” and she is the Roman Goddess of grains and agriculture.
  8. Cerridwen – The Celtic Goddess of magic, astrology, poetry, moon, nature, art, and science
  9. Demeter – Also known as “Earth Mother” in the Greek folklore. She is the Goddess of harvest.
  10. Eirene – The Greek Goddess of Peace, you can spell as “Irene.”
  11. Eos – The happy Goddess in Greek mythology
  12. Epona – The Celtic Goddess is known as the protector of mules, donkeys, and horses
  13. Freya – The Nordic Goddess of Love, beauty, magic, war, wealth, and divination
  14. Frigg – She is the Nordic Goddess of marriage, motherhood, and all things home
  15. Gaia – She is known as “Mother Earth” to the Greeks.
  16. Hekate – Greek Goddess of crossroads, magic, and witchcraft
  17. Hera – Goddess of marriage and the Queen of Olympians, according to Greek mythology.
  18. Inanna – This is the Sumerian Goddess of love, war, and fertility
  19. Indunn – The Nordic Goddess of youth and springtime
  20. Iris – She is the messenger to the Gods, as believed by the Greeks. She is also the Goddess of the rainbow.
  21. Isis – Goddess of life and magic, the Egyptians translates the name as “she of a throne”
  22. Juno – Of Roman mythology, she is the Goddess of marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth. It is believed that she protects the finances of her people.
  23. Lakshmi – This is the Goddess of Hindu origins that relates to abundance and wealth.
  24. Maat – She is the Goddess of justice, balance, and truth.
  25. Minerva – A Roman Goddess believed to exhibit high intelligence, wisdom, and crafts
  26. Morrigan – She is the queen of phantom, demons, and death. A Celtic Goddess of war and battle
  27. Nike – Greek Goddess of victory, which is why her name is used as a popular brand for athletic sportswear.
  28. Ostara – A German Goddess associated with dawn and Easter
  29. Parvati – Goddess of love and Devotion in Hindu mythology
  30. Pomona – The Roman Goddess believed to be the protector of fruit trees and gardens.
  31. Rhea – The Greek Goddess of fertility for both soil and women
  32. Saraswati – You can call your baby, “Sara.” She is the Hindu Goddess of language, arts, and knowledge.
  33. Selene – A moon Goddess as believed by the Greeks
  34. Seshat – The name translates as “she who scribes.” She is the Egyptian librarian Goddess responsible for architecture, accounting, astronomy, mathematics, and historical records.
  35. Themis – Greek Goddess of divine order, justice, and customs.
  36. Venus – The popular Roman Goddess of love and beauty. She represents womanhood.
  37. Vesta – Another Roman entity who is the guardian of the sacred flame

Bible inspired tough girl names

biblical strong women

This section highlighted powerful and fearless women in the bible, who through their faith and actions, changed their life and generation. The names listed here may not mean powerful or strong, but what these women achieved require some measure of toughness.

  1. Abigail – A woman of great courage, discernment, and wisdom
  2. Achsah – The bold daughter of Caleb who asked for more blessings
  3. Deborah – A fearless Judge who ruled with justice and compassion
  4. Delila – The seductive lady that cut off Samson’s hair
  5. Esther – A queen who risked her life to save her people
  6. Hannah – The mother of Samuel, one of the greatest prophets that lived
  7. Jehosheba – “Sheba” for short, she fled with her son from destruction, and as a result, the future of Israel was preserved.
  8. Lydia – A wealthy woman who had the heart for God
  9. Mary – The humble mother of Jesus Christ
  10. Mary Magdalene – The first female to announce the risen Lord
  11. Miriam – Moses sister who helped her brother fulfill his assignment
  12. Phoebe – She was a trustworthy woman who helps deliver Paul’s letters to the church
  13. Priscilla – She and her husband was great mentors and example
  14. Ruth – By choosing to stay with her mother-in-law in a strange land, she became the great-grandmother of King David.
  15. Sarah – The wife of Abraham, the father of faith, who with faith had a baby at 90 years
  16. Zipporah – The wife of Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt

Celebrity inspired tough girl names

celebrity tough girls

These are world-renowned women and ladies who acquired fame and stardom in arts, music, comedy, television, business, and other social avenues. However, they are celebrities not only for who they are but for the values, experiences, and inspiring statements that show the power and impact they have around the world. Here is a list of celebrity-inspired tough girl names:

  1. Adele – one of the biggest selling artist of all times with many inspiring songs to her name
  2. Amy – Amy Poehler is an actress with a strong message that women should not go crazy trying to fulfill all expectation placed on them
  3. Angelina – She is an actress and a humanitarian. Angelina Jolie, the UN Goodwill Ambassador
  4. Aretha – The queen of soul, Aretha Franklin
  5. Ariana – Ariana Grande, a singer making waves
  6. Beyonce – “You can be an entrepreneur and be assertive,” says the popular singing sensation.
  7. Coco – Inspired by Coco Chanel, the fashion icon
  8. Ellen – Ellen DeGeneres, an award-winning talk show host
  9. Emma – Emma Watson is also a women’s rights activist.
  10. Emilia – Emilia Clarke believes that strength comes in different forms.
  11. Hilary – Hilary Clinton with 30 years in the public eye
  12. Lady – Lady Gaga believes women should not be afraid of being assertive.
  13. Lucy – Lucy Liu believes women should be financially independent
  14. Michelle – The first black First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama
  15. Naomi – Naomi Campbell, American Supermodel
  16. Natalie – Natalie Dormer attributes hateful comments to people’s insecurities
  17. Nicki – Female rapper Nicki Minaj advises girls not to give up on themselves
  18. Oprah – Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest women on earth
  19. Rihanna – A great artist who shuns all forms of sexist names
  20. Sheryl – Sandberg is an author and the COO of a popular Facebook site.
  21. Taylor – Taylor Swift once said, “you are not the opinion of somebody else who doesn’t know you.”
  22. Tyra – Tyra Banks, a successful Supermodel and producer of America’s Next Top Model show

The names above are powerful, brave, and tough female names you can call a girl, either as a name or a nickname.

Hopefully, She would take a similar path, and sometimes down the years, we will include her name on a list of tough girl names or nicknames.

Also, if you know any strong girl name that was not listed in this article, go ahead and tell us in the comment section. Don’t forget to include the meaning of the name or the origin of the name. Several expectant mothers are counting on you!

Lastly, if you know anyone struggling with the famous naming decision, kindly share this list of tough girl names with them; I am sure they would be grateful.