200+ Boys, Girls, and Gender-Neutral Aesthetic Names

Are you looking for Aesthetic Names for girls, boys, or unisex/gender-neutral aesthetic names? We combed through thousands of names to find the most beautiful names.

The word “aesthetic” means pleasing in appearance, beautiful, or artistic. Therefore, an aesthetic name is a name that depicts beauty, art, and visually-appealing experience.

An aesthetic name might look gorgeous when you write it out, like “Isabella.” It might roll off the tongue and feel nice to say, like “Amelia.” It might sound beautiful and unique when people hear it, like “Charlotte.” Or it might be a word for something lovely in nature, like “Lily.”

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to come up with aesthetic names, and we’re here to help you find the perfect name for you!


Aesthetic Girl Names

Out of thousands of girl names, we’ve picked out 100 of the most aesthetic names for girls. These names look beautiful and sound beautiful. Many have lovely meanings from dozens of different countries. Check out this list of feminine aesthetic names:

  1. Abigail

We love the name, Abigail. It comes from the beautiful Hebrew language. In the Bible, Abigail is described as an intelligent, beautiful, and brave woman who convinced a king not to kill her and her entire household.

  1. Acacia

With its soft “shah” sound, Acacia is easy to pronounce and fun to say. And it’s a good name: acacia trees are known for being strong.

  1. Adele

When people hear Adele, they think of the famous, popular, and talented English singer. Even better, the name means “noble and kind.”

  1. Agatha

A Greek name, Agatha is a name that was popular in the 1930s. But it’s one of those names so beautiful it’s making a comeback You might call it a classic! It means “Virtuous and good.”

  1. Aletha

Ending with a whispered “the” sound, Aletha means “truth.” It’s a perfect name for a sweet girl.

  1. Alice

We couldn’t leave out Alice, which is a variant of Alicia. It’s a delicate name for a pretty girl.

  1. Alicia

Alicia means “from a noble family.” It’s a pretty-sounding name, which makes it perfect for our list of aesthetic girl names.

  1. Amethyst

There’s something about names that use the letter “y” that gives them a special aesthetic nature. An amethyst is a beautiful purple gemstone. The name sounds sparkly, valuable, and feminine.

  1. Ana

Made popular by the movie “Frozen,” the “ah” sound in Ana is a beautiful variation on the more common name, Anna or Anne. It is a Spanish name that means “gracious, merciful.”

  1. Angelica

As you can imagine, this name means “angel.” The word reminds us of someone beautiful, strong, and good.

  1. Aspen

The aspen tree is known for its delicate leaves which move even in the slightest wind.

  1. Aurora

Aurora is a Latin name meaning “dawn.” It’s also the name of the princess Sleeping Beauty. The soft letters in the name make it a lovely aesthetic choice.

  1. Beatrice

Beatrice is a French name that means “bringer of joy.” It’s classic and unique, with lots of nickname potential!

  1. Beauty

How could we leave out this name?  Beauty might be the most aesthetic name out there!

  1. Bella

This name is very popular, and no wonder: It’s an Italian name that can mean “beautiful.” Very romantic!

  1. Calliope

This Greek name means “beautifully voiced.” If you’re looking for a longer aesthetic name for a girl, choose one that rolls off the tongue like Calliope (kohl-IYE-ah-pee).

  1. Celeste

Meaning “heavenly,” Celeste is a Latin name that sounds absolutely angelic.

  1. Charlotte

This gorgeous name brings royalty to mind with its French origins. It means “free.”

  1. Cheyenne

Pronounced “shy-ANN,” this name is of Native American origin. It’s a beautiful name to speak aloud!

  1. Chloe

This name, of Greek origin, means “verdant and blooming.” While not an extremely common name, it’s a classic that will always retain its beauty.

  1. Clementine

An English name meaning “gentle, merciful,” Clementine brings to mind the love song, “My Darling Clementine.”

  1. Daenerys

Anyone who has seen the TV series “Game of Thrones” knows the name Daenerys. It’s a name for a strong female leader and sounds lovely to say.

  1. Daphne

Daphne means “laurel tree” in Greek. This name is perfect for a fun girl!

  1. Dierdre

Pronounced “DEAR-dreh,” this name is perfect for any sweet girl with an endearing personality.

  1. Elandra

This name is Aboriginal in origin. As you can see, it’s rather exotic-sounding! It means “home by the sea.”

  1. Evangeline

A lovely long name, Evangeline means “messenger of good news.” Possible nicknames include Eva, Angela, Angie, and Lina.

  1. Fiona

This Scottish name reminds us of the character Princess Fiona in the movie Shrek. It means “white, fair.”

  1. Gaiana

Gaiana is a Latin name meaning “earth.” We love all the vowels, which make it a beautifully aesthetic name!

  1. Galia

Meaning “wave of God” in Hebrew, Galia is both a grand and delicate sounding name.

  1. Geneva

Not just a city in Switzerland, Geneva is a French name meaning “juniper berry.” We think it’s quite royal sounding!

  1. Georgianna

Some of our favorite girl names are long and regal sounding. Georgianna is no exception, and it’s an English name that means “farmer, merciful.” It’s a combination of the names George and Anna.

  1. Geraldine

An uncommon but classic English name, Geraldine means “rules with spear.” The name refers to both a fighter and a leader while sounding sweet.

  1. Gisbelle

This unique name combines Giselle and Belle, giving it the meaning “beautiful pledge.”

  1. Guinevere

This name is fancy-sounding, and no wonder: It’s also the name of the legendary queen from the tales of King Arthur and Lancelot, both of whom were in love with her!

  1. Harmony

Musical names are some of the most aesthetic. Harmony, of course, is a musical term for song notes that complement the melody.

  1. Haylia

This beautiful name is of Hebrew origin. It’s uncertain whether it’s derived from the name Hayley (which means “from the hay clearing”) or from Mahalia (which means “tenderness.” Either way, it’s a gorgeous name.

  1. Hazelle

This variant of Hazel means “the hazel tree” and is a name of English origin. While we think Hazel is a beautiful name, Hazelle just has a graceful ring to it!

  1. Hetal

Since this is an Indian name, it might sound strange if given to a girl, not of Indian origin. But the name is so beautiful it can be said in a different accent – “HED-el” or “HAY-del” – without losing its meaning, “friendly.”

  1. Holleen

This name is a combination of the names Holly and Colleen – both pretty by themselves, and even more lovely combined!

  1. Idalee

Another name made of two others, Idalee is a combination of the names Ida and Lee.

  1. Idania

A Slavik name, Idania means “hardworking.” We think it’s a sweet name and a great character trait to have.

  1. Ilaria

This Italian name means “cheerful.” We love the feminine, flowing way it rolls off the tongue.

  1. Imogene

A variation on the name Imogen, Imogene is a Greek name that means “maiden, innocent.” We love its uniqueness.

  1. Indira

“Bestower of wealth” is the meaning of this Indian name, making it perfect for a generous girl!

  1. Iris

It could simply be the name of a beautiful purple flower, or it could be the Greek name meaning “colorful, rainbow.” Either way, Iris is lovely if you’re looking for a very short name for a girl.

  1. Isadora

While it sounds similar to the very popular name Isabella, Isadora is beautifully different, uncommon, and is a Greek name meaning “gift of Isis.”

  1. Jalena

This is a variation of the Slavik form of Helen, and it means “bright.”

  1. Jaquelle

A French name meaning “supplanter,” Jaquelle is the feminine form of Jacques. If the name feels too long, consider the nicknames Jackie or Ellie.

  1. Jennica

Jennica is a combination of the common names Jennifer and Jessica into something completely new!

  1. Jocelyn

We’re suckers for names that end in -lyn! Jocelyn means “little Goth.” We just think it’s beautiful looking and aesthetic sounding.

  1. Jubilee

This Hebrew name means “joy, celebration.” Biblically, the year of Jubilee was a time when all debts were forgiven and all slaves were set free. It’s definitely a happy name!

  1. Juniper

Of course, the name Juniper refers to the juniper berry. The name is of Latin origin. We just love names that come from nature!

  1. Kacela

Kacela is simply a more elaborated form of the name Kelsey. So if you love the name Kelsey but want to get a little fancier, try this one!

  1. Kalinda

Of Indian origin, Kalinda means “the sun”. We love the way it sounds!

  1. Kamelia

This name is the Polish form of the word for Camellia. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of flowers and grow in many places all over the world.

  1. Kanika

Another Indian name, Kanika means “an atom, a particle.” While the definition is interesting, we really just love the simplicity of the name!

  1. Kendra

This name means “water baby, magical” and we think it sounds magical, too!

  1. Kilenya

A Native American name, Kilenya is a gorgeous and unique name perfect for any girl.

  1. Kirtana

Kirtana is an Indian name that means “prayer song.” Indeed, it sounds like a musical name!

  1. Kyria

Simply a Greek name for “lady,” names don’t get much more feminine than Kyria!

  1. Laksha

This Indian name means “aim, object.” The girl with the name Laksha knows what she wants!

  1. Lanica

Lanica is a combination of the names Lana and Monica. While these names are aesthetic on their own, we think the effect is multiplied by combining them!

  1. Lareina

Looking for a strong leader name for a girl? Lareina literally means “the queen” in Spanish!

  1. Lequoia

We love names with the letter q! Lequoia means “the sequoia tree”, well-known for its imposing size and height. This is a strong name.

  1. Lieselotte

Here’s an interesting one: This name combines the German translation of Elizabeth (Liesel) and the diminutive of Charlotte, (Lotte). The result is a delicate-sounding name that means both “God is my oath” and “free.”

  1. Lithany

Lithany means “ceremonial prayer.” It’s an American name that combines the word “litany” with the name Bethany.

  1. Lorica

In Latin, lorica means “breastplate.” Used as a name, it could be said to describe someone in strong armor.

  1. Madelia

From the name Madeline, Madelia means “woman of Magdala.”

  1. Mahalia

This Hebrew name means “tenderness.” We think its sound, meaning, and appearance are quite aesthetic.

  1. Mandira

Mandira is an Indian name meaning “temple, melody.” It certainly sounds musical!

  1. Marina

This name means “of the sea.” Maybe she’ll love to swim or sail!

  1. Meadow

As you can guess, Meadow means “meadow” – that is, a field of grass or vegetation. While it’s a common word, it’s uncommon for a name, and puts a beautiful image in one’s mind!

  1. Mistelee

Also spelled Mistilee, this name means “misty field.” We consider any name aesthetic that conjures up an image of something beautiful in nature!

  1. Mystral

Mystral is a French name meaning “cold, dry, northerly wind.” Misty would be a good nickname!

  1. Nancilea

This is a combination of the names Nancy and Lea. Combining the meanings, the name means “weary grace.”

  1. Neoma

An alternate spelling of Naomi, this name’s meaning is unclear. It is thought to mean “new moon” in Greek.

  1. Niccele

A form of Nicole, Niccelle means “victory of the people.”

  1. Noelani

In true Hawaiian form, this name is full of beautiful vowels and aloha. It means “heavenly mist, dew.”

  1. Oceane

The French word for “sea,” Oceane is a beautiful marine name.

  1. Odessa

From the Greek word “odyssey,” Odessa means “long journey.”

  1. Osanna

This is a form of the word “hosanna,” a Greek term that means “Praise!”

  1. Persephone

According to legend, Persephone was a Greek goddess of great power. Since it’s a long name, you might consider nicknames like Percy or Sephie.

  1. Pertessa

This name is Italian and means “of the Countess.” It represents royalty!

  1. Phaedra

Of Greek origin, Phaedra means “glowing” – definitely an aesthetic quality!

  1. Pippa

This name is probably best known for Pippa Middleton, the beautiful sister of Princess Kate Middleton. It’s a shortened version of Phillipa and means “lover of horses.”

  1. Quiana

One of those musical names we love, Quiana means “singers.” Nicknames might include Qui or Ana.

  1. Quintessa

This name can mean “fifth” or “quintessence.” We think it sounds quite classy!

  1. Raewyn

This Welsh name is common in New Zealand. It combines the names, Rae and Wynn. It sounds rather elvish – straight out of Lord of the Rings, don’t you think?

  1. Raquel

Simply the Spanish version of Rachel, different spelling and pronunciation adds a flair to the name. It means “ewe” (female sheep/lamb)

  1. Renessa

Combine Renee and Vanessa, and this is what you get! We love the result!

  1. Rhynisha

The original version of this name, Rajnish, is Indian. Americanized and feminized, we get the name Rhynisha, which means “lady of the night.”

  1. Saffron

Saffron is the name of a yellow flower that is extremely valuable. It’s made into a spice used often in Spanish cooking.

  1. Solana

Besides sounding beautiful, Solana has two meanings in two different languages! In Latin, it means “wind from the east,” while in Spanish it means “sunshine.”

  1. Tahlia

Tahlia is of Hebrew origin and means “morning dew.” We love the sweet simplicity of this name.

  1. Triska

Triska is a Slavic name meaning “silver.” Precious metal and beautiful color – it doesn’t get more aesthetic than that!

  1. Umika

There aren’t too many girl names that begin with the letter “U,” but Umika is one that caught our eye. It is an Indian name meaning “goddess.”

  1. Vespera

Meaning “of the evening,” this Latin name sounds like a beautiful whisper.

  1. Willow

It means “from the willow grove,” and Willow is a lovely name reminding us of graceful branches, cool shade, and beautiful leaves.

  1. Xylona

Yep, we found an aesthetic “X” name for a girl! Xylona is a Greek name that means “from the forest.”

  1. Zoraya

This name is a form of Soraya. It’s an Arabic name that means “rich.” What good fortune!

Aesthetic Boy Names

We spent hours looking through boy names to find the most aesthetically pleasing names for boys. From many different countries of origin, these Aesthetic boy names are guaranteed to please the senses!

  1. Abednego

Abednego was a biblical character who stood up to a bad king even when he was threatened with death. Not only is it a unique and uncommon name, but it’s a joy to pronounce.

  1. Abel

Another biblical character, Abel was known for being a good man. The name sounds like “able,” which means “capable.” This is definitely an attractive trait!

  1. Achilles

This name is shared with Greek legendary hero Achilles. Its meaning might be related to the Achelous river. We picked it because we like famous names that are also not common.

  1. Adagio

An Italian name used to describe slow music, Adagio is a romantic sounding name that everyone will love.

  1. Ahmed

The gentle-sounding Ahmed is an Arabic name. It means “highly praised, commendable,” and it’s perfect for any boy.

  1. Albion

Albion is a British name. We like it because it sounds so noble.

  1. Alphonse

This royal sounding name is French and means “noble.” It’s an uncommon name, but it’s definitely aesthetic sounding.

  1. Barclay

Not only does this name sound cool, but it reminds us of Berkeley, a prestigious university in New Jersey. It’s a very intelligent-sounding name!

  1. Benedict

This name is Latin and means “blessed.” It’s a high-class name.

  1. Benson

Similar to Benedict, Benson is a great alternative if you’re looking for something a little shorter.

  1. Booker

Booker is the name of the famous civil rights activist, Booker T. Washington. We love the uniqueness and legacy of this name!

  1. Bradshaw

This name, of English origin, means “from the broad field, forest”. Brad or Shaw are possible nicknames.

  1. Cole

If you’re looking for a simple, powerful name for a boy, Cole is perfect. With only one syllable, it’s easy to remember. It means “victory of the people.”

  1. Constantine

This name is fit for a king. When people hear Constantine, they often think of Constantine the Great, a Roman emperor from the fourth century.

  1. Cyril

It’s from the Greek language and means “lordly.” Cyril is perfect for a boy who needs a simple name with a strong feel.

  1. Davis

A derivative of David, Davis is often used as a surname. But it’s also a good first name if you want to go slightly left of the classic form.

  1. Declan

An Irish name, Declan means “full of goodness.” We think it’s a good name too!

  1. Demetrius

What is it about Greek names that make them so fun to say? Demetrius is just another example!

  1. Dexton

A lot of popular boys’ names end in -en and. How about getting the same sound with more interesting letters? Try out “Dexton.”

  1. Elroy

If you want a royal-sounding boy’s name, Elroy is a good option. It’s French for “the king.”

  1. Estienne

Wow, a lot of French names are royal! Estienne means “crown.”

  1. Forrest

A good name for the outdoorsy person, Forrest means “of the woods, forest.”

  1. Frederick

A classic name but no longer common, Frederick means “peace ruler.” An alternate spelling is “Fredrick.”

  1. Fremont

This is a stately-sounding name meaning “freedom mountain.”

  1. Gabriel

While you might be tempted to use the nickname Gabe, we think the full name is beautiful sounded out.

  1. Gideon

Gideon is a Hebrew name meaning “great warrior.” This aesthetic name is perfect for someone active.

  1. Hedwynn

Looking for an extremely unique name for a boy? Hedwynn is a Welsh name meaning “fair peace.”

  1. Homer

It’s a simple name, but it carries a lot of weight. The name is best known as the name of an ancient Greek philosopher and author. It means “pledge.”

  1. Hosea

Hosea is a biblical name meaning “salvation” in Hebrew.

  1. Ignatius

This name is on fire! Ignatius is a Latin name meaning “fiery one” and its perfect for anyone with a strong personality!

  1. Isaiah

A biblical prophet, Isaiah is known for being a reliable messenger. This Hebrew name means “God is salvation.”

  1. Ivan

While this is a Russian name meaning “God is gracious,” we think it can work for a person of any nationality!

  1. Jacory

This invented name is a combination of the names Jack and Zachary. One actor who has this name is Jacory Gums. We love the way it sounds!

  1. Japheth

Who wouldn’t want a name that means “handsome” in Hebrew? Japheth, with its soft sounds, is a lovely aesthetic name.

  1. Jensen

Usually a surname, Jensen can also be used as a boy’s first name. It is Scandinavian in origin.

  1. Joaquin

It’s a big name to carry, because the spelling and pronunciation aren’t intuitive. But this Spanish name, pronounced “wa-KEEN,” won’t be quickly forgotten!

  1. Judah

An ancient Hebrew name, Judah means “praised.”

  1. Kaiser

This unique name means “leader” in German.

  1. Kendale

This beautiful name comes with several great nickname possibilities including Ken, Kenny, or Dale. It is an English name meaning “valley of the River Kent.”

  1. Kyson

We love the way this name sounds. Kyson means “son of Ky.”

  1. Lachlan

Lachlan is a Scottish name meaning “from the land of the lakes.” It’s one of those names that’s uncommon, but easy to pronounce and beautiful to say.

  1. Lazlo

It’s time for a Hungarian name! Lazlo means “glory rule.” It’s always fun to find unique names that contain the letter z!

  1. Leland

This name has a lilt to it, making it sound almost musical! It means “meadowland.”

  1. Loften

Meaning “dwellers of the loft house,” we chose this English name for its soft f sound which makes it quite aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Ludlow

For a unique name of English origin, try Ludlow. It means “from the loud river hill” and sounds beautiful.

  1. Luther

The name Luther brings to mind Martin Luther King, Jr., a famous champion of equality for black people. It’s the name of a person who fights for what’s right. Luther means “army of the people.”

  1. Maalick

Double vowels, like -aa, always make for a unique name that catches the eye! This name means “owns, possesses” in Arabic.

  1. Malcolm

An alternate spelling of this name is Malcom. This is a Scottish name which means “follower of St. Columbia.”

  1. Manric

One might say this is a very “manly” name! Manric is a German name that means “ruler, exalted one.”

  1. Marcell

This English name means “young warrior.” This unique name is also ordinary-sounding, making it good for someone who wants their name to be different without being difficult to pronounce.

  1. Montego

This Spanish name means “mountainous.” It sounds slightly exotic!

  1. Napoleon

This name might be long, but it’s a strong name reminiscent of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military leader.

  1. Naveen

This is an Indian name which means “new.” We think it’s a great aesthetic name for this list!

  1. Neal

Neal means “champion” or “passionate” and is of Irish origin. Short and sweet, it’s easy to remember. Alternate spelling: Neil.

  1. Nelson

This name is best known as a surname, but it can be used for a given name as well. We feel it’s sensible-sounding and easy to say and spell.

  1. Nigel

An English name, Nigel means “champion” or “black.” It’s fairly uncommon, but a beautiful name we’d like to see around more often!

  1. Obadiah

With a Hebrew name meaning “servant of Yahweh,” a boy named Obadiah gives the impression that he is kind and nice.

  1. Octavio

This is a male form of the Greek name Octavia. It means “eighth.” There aren’t a whole lot of unique, aesthetic boy names that start with O, but this is one of them!

  1. Odin

Odin has several meanings. It’s a Scandinavian name that can mean “frenzy, rage, or inspiration.” It seems a fitting name for a boy with a lot of energy and exciting ideas!

  1. Oliver

Many historic military leaders have had the name Oliver, but it also brings to mind the classic Charles Dickens’s character, Oliver Twist. It means “descendant of the ancestor.”

  1. Osbourne

A name of English origin, Osbourne means “God bear.” Like many English names, it was originally an English surname, now also used for given names.

  1. Palmer

Palmer, meaning “holy land pilgrim,” is easy to pronounce, intuitive to spell, and aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Parkin

This name is a form of the word Peter, which means “rock.” It’s close to the common name Parker, but different enough to give a unique feel.

  1. Pascal

A French name meaning “Easter,” Pascal is a name of new life. We think it’s a simple, lovely-sounding name!

  1. Philemon

Philemon is a Hebrew name meaning “loving.” It’s appropriate for a boy who is kind to others.

  1. Pryce

One variant on this name’s spelling is Price. We think either version is great, but we’re partial to the y! This name is of English origin and means “son of Rhys.”

  1. Quintin

There aren’t a whole lot of names that start with “Q,” but we really like this one! It’s a Latin name meaning “fifth.”

  1. Raanan

A boy name with a Hebrew origin meaning “fresh, green, flourishing,” Raanan is quite unique and memorable!

  1. Radley

Radley was originally an English surname, and it means “from the red field.” A fun nickname would be Rad, which is an expression meaning “Cool!”

  1. Ramiro

This Spanish name means “supreme judge.” Good for a boy who values justice and equality!

  1. Raylan

Want a name like Raymond or Ray but a little more unique? We prefer Raylan, which is an American name that is a combination of the names “Ray” and “Harlan.” Now that’s unique!

  1. Rhydian

This is a Welsh name, but apparently its meaning is unknown! Perfect for a mysterious boy? We love the way the word sounds, and it reminds us of the semiprecious metal rhodium.

  1. Rockwell

We love names that remind people of a famous person. In this case, Rockwell reminds us of Norman Rockwell; beloved American painter of family and small-town life.

  1. Sadler

This name is from an old English occupation of saddle-making. We just like the way it sounds!

  1. Samson

If you like the names Sam or Samuel but are looking for something a little less common, try Samson. Samson was a biblical character known for his physical strength. The name is Hebrew and means “sun or service.”

  1. Sanders

A variant of this name is Sander. It’s an English name meaning “son of Alexander.” We won’t lie: this name reminds us of a beautiful, white-sanded beach!

  1. Sebastion

Also spelled Sebastian, this is a Greek name meaning “venerable,” a word meaning “worthy of honor.” We love the way this name sounds.

  1. Sergei

A Russian name meaning “servant,” this is a great unique name for any boy who loves to help others. Similar names are Sergio (Italian, “servant”) and Sergius (Latin, “net.”)

  1. Seymour

Seymour is an uncommon name from the French language meaning “from the village of St. Maur.” We love the unique way it’s spelled and think it looks great written down!

  1. Sheldon

It’s the name of a songwriter, a TV director, and the main character on a TV show. We think it would be great for any boy of a creative, artist leaning.

  1. Simeon

Looking for a variant on the name Simon? Try Simeon, a Greek name meaning “to be heard.”

  1. Taber

A simple, easy-to-spell name, we love the aesthetic nature of the name Taber. It is a name of Hungarian origin and means “camp.”

  1. Terrell

Terrell is an English name meaning “stubborn,” but we prefer to think of it as “strong-minded”!

  1. Thaddeus

To make Thaddeus even longer, one variant is “Thaddaeus” – but we like it just fine without the extra “a”! This is a Greek name meaning “praise.”

  1. Tivon

Meaning “nature lover” in Greek, Tivon is a great name for any boy who loves the outdoors.

  1. Tythan

If you like the names Tyler and Nathan, you’ll love this combination of the two names!

  1. Tywin

An American name, Tywin is a made-up name by author George R.R. Martin for his Game of Thrones book series.

  1. Ulysses

This is a big name, but it has an ancient legacy. It’s the Latin version of the Greek name Odysseus, who was a mythical Greek hero. We like the legend, but prefer the easier-to-pronounce Latin version, Ulysses.

  1. Vander

This is a shortening of the name Evander. It is a Greek name meaning “good man.”

  1. Verrill

In keeping with our obsession with double letters, we submit Verrill – a beautiful French name meaning “faithful.”

  1. Walden

This name is perfect for an outdoorsy-type who loves camping and hiking. It’s the name of a place made famous by poet Henry David Thoreau when he wrote a book called – you guessed it – Walden.

  1. Wyndham

Another former English surname, this name means “from Wymond’s homestead.” But it makes us think of a cool breeze!

  1. Xadrian

We’re partial to names that begin with the letter “X” since there aren’t many of them! Xandrian is simply a combination of the letter “x” and “Adrian.”

  1. Xylander

A Greek name, Xylander means “forest man.” Nicknames could include Xy (pronounced “Zy”), Xylan, or Lander.

  1. Xylon

Another Greek name meaning “from the forest,” Xylon is another creative name with plenty of nickname potential!

  1. Yaphet

This is a Hebrew name meaning “enlarged.” We like it because of its unique sound!

  1. Yestin

Meaning “just” in Welsh, Yestin is a more unique version of the name Justin.

  1. Zaccheus

If this is too much of a name for you, Zach is a great nickname for this Greek word meaning “pure.” In the Bible, Zaccheus was a hated extortionist who gave back all the money he had taken from other people – a bad man who became good.

  1. Zared

Like many of these names, Zared sounds similar to a common name, Jared. But is quite unique! It means “trap” in Hebrew.

  1. Zedekiah

A Hebrew word meaning “God is righteousness,” Zedekiah is quite long – but again, it has great nickname potential! Zeke, Zed, and Kiah are all good options.

Unisex/Non-Gendered Aesthetic Names

While there are many unisex names available, not all of them meet our criteria for “aesthetic.” We’ve worked hard to nail down the best gender-neutral aesthetic names. Check these out gender-neutral Aesthetic Names:

  1. Akira

The Japanese name Akira means “bright and clear.” It’s simple to spell and easy to say – both characteristics of an aesthetic name.

  1. Alexis

This name, of Russian origin, means “defender of the people.” It’s a strong name for someone with a fighting spirit.

  1. Artemis

Artemis is the name for a Greek god and can mean “safe.” It’s unique and easy to pronounce.

  1. Bellamy

A French name, Bellamy means “good friend.” Easy to pronounce and spell, this is a great name for any gender.

  1. Berkeley

This name is related to the birch, a tree with beautiful white bark. It’s also a prestigious college in California, which means when people hear Berkeley, they’ll think of someone smart and educated.

  1. Blair

Blair is a Scottish name that means “field.” If you’re looking for a one-syllable aesthetic name, this is a good choice.

  1. Brooke

Meaning “small stream,” Brooke is a unique name appropriate for any gender.

  1. Cadence

A musical name meaning “rhythm,” Cadence is a beautiful choice.

  1. Cassidy

This Irish name means “curly-haired,” but it can be used for people with any hair type!

  1. Cyprus

Yep, it’s another tree name! In ancient Israel, cypress trees represented healing and eternal life. Cyprus is simply another spelling of the word.

  1. Dagon

A fierce name that reminds us of the word “dragon.” Can’t get any better than that!

  1. Delaney

A high-class name, Delaney means “from the alder grove.”

  1. Devereaux

Need a fancy-sounding French name? Try on Devereaux for size!

  1. Ellery

Ellery is a name of English origin which means “cheerful.” It’s unique and happy sounding!

  1. Everest

Why not use the name of the highest mountain in the world? We think this name sounds like a cool drink on a hot day.

  1. Falan

An Indian name, Falan means “fruitful.” We think this name, for any gender, is exotic and mysterious.

  1. Faulkner

This name, of English origin, means “falconer.” But it’s best known for the classic American writer, William Faulkner. This name sounds intelligent and educated!

  1. Jalen

This name is created, either by combining Jay and Allen or simply adding a J to Galen. Regardless of its source, we like the way it sounds.

  1. Jaspen

Combining the names Jasper and Aspen gives us Jaspen, a beautiful name meaning both “treasurer” and “quaking tree.”

  1. Jermaine

Jermaine is a French word that means “from Germany.” It’s a very bold sounding name and quite unique!

  1. Kayson

Kayson is a combination of the names Kay and Jason, or simply a variant of Jason beginning with the letter K. Alternate spelling: Kaysen.

  1. Kinley

Kinley is an Irish name meaning “fair-haired Viking.” With this spelling, it can be used for any gender.

  1. Kipling

Rudyard Kipling was a famous author and poet. And the word Kipling is just beautiful to say!

  1. Langley

This name means “from the long meadow.” In our minds, Langley reminds us of someone tall.

  1. Lexington

This Old English name means “town of the new law.” Lexington is also the name of two cities in the U.S., one in Massachusetts and one in Kentucky. Possible nicknames include Lex or Lexie.

  1. Lyndon

This name means “from the flax hill” and can also be spelled Linden if desired. But you know us – we like the y!

  1. Marlow

Marlow is an English name meaning “lake remains.” We think it sounds sophisticated!

  1. Merrill

This is another English name, and it means “from the pleasant hill.” We can’t get enough of those double letters!

  1. Mobley

Yet another English name, Mobley was previously used as a surname for people living in the town of Mobberly in Chesire, UK. It’s a truly delightful sounding name.

  1. Neriah

We love the way this name sounds for any gender. It is a Hebrew name meaning “lamp of God.”

  1. Nobel

A name of English origin meaning “noble, of good character,” this is a perfect name for any person of integrity.

  1. Normandy

This gender-neutral name is French. It means “land of the northern folk,” and we love the way it sounds! It has great nickname potential, including Norm, Norman, and Andy.

  1. Odell

This name means “from the Woad hill”. It’s a beautiful sounding name for any gender.

  1. Orion

A Greek name that means “dweller on the mountain,” Orion is also one of the most famous constellations in the night sky, named for the legendary Greek hunter.

  1. Parley

Parley is a name of English origin and it means “trader.”

  1. Phoenix

Pronounced “FEE-nicks,” this name is Greek, and means “blood red.” However, the actual phoenix bird is a legendary creature that can raise to life from ashes after death.

  1. Quillan

It means “cub,” this Irish name could fit any gender!

  1. Quincy

This name simply means “person from Quincy, France.” We think it’s a cute and pretty name.

  1. Raleigh

Meaning “from the red or rye field,” this name is English in origin. It’s also a city in the U.S.

  1. Sable

Of English origin, this name simply means “black.” We think it sounds noble!

  1. Sidney

Not quite the city in Australia, Sidney is a French contraction of “Saint Denys.”

  1. Tarin

This American name means “from the earth.” It’s appropriate for any gender.

  1. Teagan

There are a few different possible meanings for this name. It might be of Irish origin, meaning “little poet” or “from Teague.” But it could also be Welsh, meaning “pretty, fair.” We think it’s darling either way.

  1. Urban

In both English and Latin, this name means “from the city.”

  1. Wesley

This English name means “from the west field.” It was originally an English surname but now is used as a first name for any gender.

  1. Yardley

This name has several possible meanings, most likely “from the enclosed meadow.”

  1. Zealand

This is a name of English origin that means “from the sea-land.” Of course, it also reminds us of the name of a beautiful country in the southwestern Pacific ocean – New Zealand!

Well, we hope you found the perfect aesthetic name on our list.

If you know any beautiful aesthetic name that isn’t listed? Be a dear, and add it in the comments!